MD CCW class/ Utah non-resident 2015

Talbot Arms is scheduling a MD CCW / Utah non-resident class for July 18-19 2015.        Cost of class is $225 with free HQL for anyone taking the MD CCW class.

we will also be doing utah non-resident in the afternoon on that Sunday for anyone interested. If you do both classes together we will give you the Utah for $75

Anyone interested please contact us at

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During the 16 hr. mandatory training we cover MD firearms law,Home firearms safety,Handgun mechanisms and operation along with a required proficancy and use demonstration. You are required to fire 25 rounds and show accuracy as well as safe handling of your firearm on the range.This is where you apply what you have learned at the range. Talbot Arms training classes are kept small so we can get a feeling of what each student needs. Not just satisfy the MD law but to help gain a better understanding of what it means to carry a concealed firearm in public. Please feel free to call and talk to me about questions or concerns you have. I am always happy to take the time to explain things in plain terms to help you understand the complicated Maryland gun laws. All classes are held at Lowe’s Wharf Marina . If you are traceling a long distance to attend our class consider staying right at lowes wharf for a night and enjoy the bay side rooms . Good food and live music most weekend nights. Contact us at on our Talbot Arms facebook page or call 410-829-7784.