MD CCW Class January 30-31

Talbot Arms

We will be doing the MD Wear & Carry Class January 30-31st. Class cost is $225

Please email us at to secure your spot in the class. class

Talbot Arms Training Is based in Sherwood,MD and all classroom training is held at Lowe’s Wharf Marina located at  21651 Lowe’s Wharf Rd, Sherwood, MD 21665. The MD W&C class consists of 16 hrs.of classroom training Followed by a live fire portion. For the live fire portion you must shoot a handgun 9 mm or larger firing 25 rounds with a score of at least 70%. All safety and range rules must be followed at all times. Any safety violation will result in course failure. We will need your deposit before we can save your spot so contact us soon to get your application for training. I look forward to seeing you there. Happy New Year!