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Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL)                                                   Required to purchase a regulated firearm (handgun) in the state of Maryland

Who needs a (HQL) handgun qualification license ?                                                            Any Maryland resident who wants to buy a regulated firearm in the state of Maryland.

This is a  4 hour class and is required to purchase a hand gun in MD. This course covers  Maryland firearms law, home firearms safety, handgun mechanisms and operation, and a proficiency & use demonstration. Each student is required to fire at least one shot.        Cost is $100

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Maryland Wear & Carry                                                                                                    Most business owners will qualify for the MD permit

This is a 16 hour class and is required training to apply for a MD CCW permit.  This course covers MD firearms law, home firearms safety, handgun mechanisms and operation, proficiency and use demonstration,and a live fire portion. Cost is $225

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Please contact Bill Murphy for multiple class discounts  



By limiting the class size to 6 students. I have time to go over all aspects of gun safety,storage and use.





Our training classes were introduced as a result of the SB-281 that went into effect 10/01/2013 . We started training to help responsible residents of Maryland. Most importantly to continue to exercise their second amendment rights by obtaining the MD HQL and Wear and Carry permit . We also do NRA Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home. I wanted to not only satisfy the requirements of the law, but also train people to be better gun owners.  I believe training gun owners to be safe and responsible will help to stall the anti-gun advocates. Please check our events calendar for upcoming classes.

There are hotel rooms available at the marina where classes are held for two day classes. To book a room please visit






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